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PLoS One: Полезная герань - толчок к созданию фитопрепаратов
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Результаты исследования показали, что компоненты экстракта пеларгонии сидовидной способны защитить клетки крови и иммунной системы человека от заражения ВИЧ-1. Они препятствуют связыванию частиц вируса ВИЧ-1 с клетками организма человека и, таким образом, предотвращают заражение вирусом. Также в ходе исследований экстракт пеларгонии сидовидной продемонстрировал благоприятный профиль безопасности. Химический анализ показал, что противовирусную активность в отношении ВИЧ-1 экстракта пеларгонии сидовидной проявляют содержащиеся в нем полифенолы.
Целью данного исследования является разработка новых подходов к лечению ВИЧ-инфекции. Несмотря на то, что требуется еще много исследований в этой области, по словам ученых, полученные результаты могут стать толчком к созданию фитопрепаратов, которые могли бы входить в состав установленной терапии ВИЧ.
Полный оригинал статьи: | PLoS One | The Root Extract of the Medicinal Plant Pelargonium sidoides Is a Potent HIV-1 Attachment Inhibitor | Published: January 29, 2014 |
<...> Natural products and herbal medicines are a promising source of new therapeutic agents and for the development of complementary and alternative medicines to conventional drug regimens. While medicinal plants have been reported to display anti-HIV-1 activity, herbal preparations are currently not part of conventional therapeutic regimens. Antiviral potencies and modes-of-actions of medicinal plants are poorly understood. Therefore they have been considered mainly as sources for the isolation of single anti-HIV-1 hit molecules by conventional drug-discovery approaches. However, herbal preparations may also contain unique mixtures of molecules that act in concert to display novel bioactivities. Herbal preparations have many potential benefits for anti-HIV therapy, including the complementation of existing drug therapies, improvement of anti-HIV treatment in resource-limited settings and reduction of the risk of emergence of viral resistance. Furthermore, they may display novel modes-of-action, which are different from current single-molecule drugs. Thus it is worthwhile to perform detailed and rigorous experimental investigations to evaluate anti-HIV-1 activities of herbal extracts.
Pelargonium sidoides (PS) is an indigenous medicinal plant of South Africa which has been used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of various ailments for over a century. A proprietary extract from PS roots known as EPs®7630 or Umckaloabo® has been evaluated in numerous clinical trials for safety and alleviation of symptoms associated with acute bronchitis and is licensed in Germany as herbal medicine for the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections. PS extract contains numerous different metabolites and has been shown to inhibit viruses associated with respiratory diseases like influenza viruses and herpes virus.
The proven safety profile, richness in metabolites and demonstrated activities against various viruses led us to evaluate PS extract for anti-HIV-1 activity. We demonstrate that PS extract potently inhibits infection by HIV-1 strains with different tropisms. Anti-HIV-1 activity of PS extract is based on a new mode-of-action that diminishes infectivity of virus particles and prevents their attachment to host cells. Chemical analysis indicated that anti-HIV activity is mediated by multiple polyphenolic compounds. These results support PS extract as a lead candidate for the development into an herbal medicine with a novel mode of anti-HIV-1 activity.<...>


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