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Неделя доступа к лекарствам (A2M-week)
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Акция открыта для всех организаций и каждого человека. Для того, чтобы неделя доступа к лекарствам имела действительно глобальный характер, просим проинформировать об участии инициаторов акции Access To Medicine Week (A2M-week). Ваши идеи и предложения о сотрудничестве с удовольствием выслушают в Объединении HIV.LV (пишите на apvieniba@apvienibahiv.lv )
Access To Medicine Week (A2M-week)
The idea is to have a week full of events across Europe to raise awareness on access to medicine and the lack thereof. The week is set for Sunday November 1-st to Friday November 7-th 2014.
The rest is really up to you. You can choose one day of the week to do an event or you can organize several things throughout the week. You can coordinate and collaborate with other chapters or other projects working on similar issues.
You can organize anything you want. A movie night, a panel discussion, a rally, a presentation, a educational day, workshops, trainings, a cake stand, a concert, a flash mob, you can invite speakers, make a promotional video etc. etc. Really you can do anything as long as it has to do with access to medicine.
Read more at http://uaemprojects.wordpress.com/a2m-day/



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